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    I'm merely quoting your response towards me when I asked for links to regarding previous discussions about this topic. At least I back up my points with factual evidence, the Reddit post is more than enough proof to see that the Caual MMR is that I'm refereeing exists. I see now that the bottom line is you're just immature, you reply with these sort of remarks but the moment that they are thrown back you become all sensitive. And on top of all that you are just not good at formal discussion, you rarely make counterpoints without adjusting the the context to be in your favour and any valid point you do make I generally end up agreeing with it, or you completely miss the point of the original post and go on some tangent revolving around a straw man fallacy, which I don't disagree with anyway.

    Ok we're done here then.
    We were done here the second you responded with a condescending remark giving no further input to the discussion.
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    Yeah, it's not very fun fighting plats and diamonds all the time, casual is harder than ranked for me currently and I barely do my placements. I wish they would revert whatever they did because having to sweat every match while the team with more plats spams "gg ez" isn't exactly fun.
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