Hi everyone,

Recently decided to rediscover this gem, so I installed it on my macbook pro 2016 base model. Unsatisfied with the performance, I decided to give it a go on Windows 10 by installing boot camp (sadly, windows 7 is not an option for my particular computer model). I started up the game and was immediately impressed with the performance improvement - around 20 fps more around sorpigal, and I'm sure other areas would run even smoother. Sadly, I never got to find that out because every time I tried to exit Sorpigal after getting the lighthouse quest, my game crashed. The error in output_log was as follows:

Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Windows mono path not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\mono\mono\mini\mono.exe
Now, this all happened weeks ago and at the time I followed all the rules and opened a support ticket. After mine was left unanswered for four business days, however, I decided it wasn't worth the wait and moved on. Now, I reckon the game is worth giving it another chance, but this time, I'm asking the community for help.

I'm running a clean install of Windows 10 boot camp with all the supporting software it comes with. If anyone has had a similar situation or knows what the hell to do here, I'd very much appreciate a response.