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    Banshee tactician Ninja bike build help

    I was wondering basically what is the best way to roll and what attributes are best to maximize this build. What pieces should I roll fire arms or stamina or electronics. What attributes should I put on the power...skill haste..etc whats the best skill power # and weapon damage # and health #
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    About Banshee and Tactitian

    Well im having some problems wih "Tacshee" build.

    Basically im running:

    -3 pieces of banshee, 1 tactitian, refreshed mask and ninja bike

    -50% Skill Haste

    -1 lightweigh m4 with (adept-responsive-competent)

    -6800 Firearms 2900 Stamina 4900 Eletronics

    -Scramble Pulse and Overdose

    With all of this im feeling weak against other players. I hope you can help me with tips on what to improve.
    But take a look and we can help each other.
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