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    Ubisoft's Critical Error. Since season 1 day 1

    All of rainbow's players are constantly being misread. Every single season should have its own unique K/D, not the same one from Day 1.

    The second you enter a squad, no matter what your rank, Silver or Diamond. The first thing we look up will be your K/D and W/L.

    Every single season our Rank is reset to show our skill GROWTH, so why is K/D and W/L irrelevant when it comes to that process? Why is Blizzard's Overwatch more aware of this issue than Ubisoft? Deciding to have already resolved this issue?

    I have met players that have been Silver for the first 3 seasons, finally finding their groove becoming Plat 1s and Diamonds every season thereafter.
    Yet their K/Ds remain since their tragic days. Being judged on what they once were.

    Ubisoft please hear us out. The community relies on information and data heavily when it comes to strategic games. Every single piece of intel matters.
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    To players saying its unfair :

    If you have a high K/D, say 2.0 and saying a K/D reset is unfair.
    A season K/D reset will not matter since you have shown you can maintain that throughout all seasons. And maybe if this update does happen, we might be able to check your past seasonal K/D and rank.
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    The fact that you don't have season specific KDR/ACC/HSR/Winrate is asinine, especially in a semi-competitive game like R6Siege. Same goes for CS:GO, which is even worse in this regard because the game doesn't even have seasons.

    One of the most fun things for me when playing TF2 was periodically resetting stats and seeing how much I improved since the latest stat reset. When playing Planetside 2 the game automatically gave you an easy to read graph on all of your most important stats per month, making it easy to see your growth as a player and that game is the exact opposite of competitive. I honestly don't see a single argument as to why periodic stat resets aren't standard in something as reliant on personal skill and growth as an FPS.

    Right now there is a significant chunk of the playerbase leaving rounds or playing way too safe so as to not sully their KD. Per season stats would easily deal with this problem and introduce the necessary metrics for players to track their improvement.
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    When stats are introduced to FPS games players are given a meta-game to play on top of the actual rounds. This is why people don't go for the upset clutch because in all likelihood they are only going to add another death to their statistics. You can see how these conflict: win the round or keep your high number (which in reality necessitates 'cowardice'). This will never happen, but if the scoreboard were removed until the match is over and player statistics could only be private, people will have the singular goal of playing the actual 3D game and not the social facade of skill level. People won't care if they die doing the daring and it will more fun for everyone.
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