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    Coin useage concern

    I have noticed since joining that the usage of coins is a lot and for some things it's not necessary. For the ones I'm referring to are the following:

    Mucking a stall
    Send to pasture
    Transfer to/out large stable
    Transfer to other countries

    I know it's not much but those things shouldn't cost any coins to perform the actions and wasting coins. If these actions can be fixed to be no cost it would be great and helpful to players. Being it's about the players and making it better for them and the experience.
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    Coin usage

    I believe this is right. Why do you need to charge coins to put your horses in the Gran stable or take them out? We already paid a fortune for the stables and space and then you want us to pay to use them too. We are not boarding for pay when we are in our own. Only those that want to board should pay 💰
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    Coin useage

    Yup agreed. They should fix some of that. Especially when the horse gets high level it costs more to put in the field and groom.
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