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    No audio past ubisoft logo

    just bought steep yesterday, have been excited to finally get to play. launch the game, everything is going great, get past the opening credits with the Ubisoft logo and epilepsy warning, game starts, no audio :/ . The audio menu is also completely unfunctional. I cant slide the volume sliders, they all just display greyed out as "1.0".

    So i have done my research, and this seems like a pretty common issue with anybody who installed the game on a partition or external drive. Simple fix: Move the game to the same drive where your OS is stored. Sadly, my OS is stored on a 50GB HDD, so this fix isnt an option for me.

    Currently, i have the game installed on an external HDD connected via USB 3.0. My other option for install would be to move it to my internal SSD connected via SATA. would this fix the issue? or is there a way i can keep the game on my external and fix the sound? Or should i get in line for a refund ? i was really excited for this game.

    Version 1.10
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    Hey! I am sorry to hear this happening. Can you submit a ticket at our support site so we can look into this?
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    I submitted a ticket yesterday, and am currently receiving support from the team. as a temporary fix, i moved the game to one of my internal drives, which fixed the problem. i just dont want to have the game taking up 30GB of data on my main drives, so i will leave my case open to see if there is a possibility of a long term solution.

    Thanks for the reply
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    its the same for me
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    no audio, using external drive

    no audio, using external drive. I have over 160 games installed on an external HDD and no issues, except for Steep so far. I would rather keep it on an external HDD.
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    Ubisoft rep says game needs to be installed on the OS drive to work. This was my fix and I'm keeping it on the external drive.

    my install folder location = G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Steep\
    Move the sounddata folder to any location on the OS drive (move, not copy)
    My new sounddata folder on the OS drive = C:\Steep\sounddata
    Open CMD, type in the following command line
    mklink /J [current installed game folder location] [new soundata folder]

    The command line for my setup = mklink /J G:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Steep C:\Steep\sounddata

    a soundata shortcut is created and points to the new sounddata folder on C:\

    Start the game and the in-game audio/sound will play. crazy.
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