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    Looking for team/clan PC EU

    Im currently looking for a team or clan to join because I currently dont have any friends that actively play the game. I mainly play roamers on defense (Jager, Caveira, Ela and the occasional pulse) but I am also a confident smoke anchor. On attack I prefer to play a flanking operator (mainly sledge and ash) If the role is not available I usually play as a supporting thatcher. Last season I was ranked high gold and almost reached platt, but for fun I dropped to bronze. I live in Norway and speak english, I play in the eu time zone, in the afternoon. I am looking for a team of experienced players were I can hopefully learn a thing or two. I use discord for ingame communication.

    Add me in-game for further communication.
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    Hey there, I'm from a discord community called Greedy Criminals with over 400 members! We ask everyone that joins to be mature and respectfull, so if your looking for people to play with please come take a look!

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    Take a look at We are a friendly community and have a public TeamSpeak server.
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    wanna play

    hey there i wanna play with ya
    reply ASAP
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