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    News about 7-000000004 error

    If someone has any news i would like to hear them, or some ETA on dedicated servers since they've been announced.

    I want all the poeple experiencing this error to write down where are they from, i wont personally state my country since the west had problems with it. I just want to see if this is a national thing because i cant ****ing understand how some people are playing with 0 errors and stuff and here we are boys unable to ****ing get into the game. Apologising to ubiboys for cursing, i just want to enjoy the game i payed for. Cheers!
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    Potato Server can't do it anymore...
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    Im ****ing sick...
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    Greece..same exact problem...
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    Same problem, Belarus
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    My first entry to the game and i cant stay for 10 sec

    Same issue From Egypt
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    UbiFluouise's Avatar Ubisoft Staff
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    Hello Warriors! You can find information about the error that you're experiencing (ERROR 7-00000004), as well as instructions on how to resolve this here. If any of you continue to have issues with this once you've followed the instructions attached to the link we've provided, please reach out to our technical support team with any questions or concerns you may have. In addition to this, dedicated servers are coming to For Honor! It is confirmed. Although we do not have any additional information to share in regards to ETA at this time, anyone that hasn't had a chance can read about the exciting changes that are coming on our blog.
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    The same problem, this support did not help, Belarus
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    Same problem, nothing from Ubisoft "repair" connection list does´nt work. Czech Republic. 50€ for infinite error problem GJ UBISOFT
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    Still isn't fixed I see. I uninstalled it, 50 dead gigs on my hard drive, thank you.
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