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    Unable to re-play some missions


    I've got through the whole of The Crew story line on Xbox 360 and have recently started afresh on PS4 to join friends. Something bugged me in the Xbox 360 version and that was some of the missions would not open up after they were completed. I've got through about 15 missions on the PS4 version and I'm finding the same thing. I checked the FAQ on the forum and it states:

    4. Can I start a new game?
    No, there is no option to start a fresh game, but you can replay the story missions if you want. And if you want to see the cutscenes, they are available in the HQ.
    (Emphasis mine.) ... but this is untrue. There's a scoreboard for the first mission and I've been surpassed by a friend - how do I replay that one, The Duel or one of several others that don't open up?

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    There are a few Missions that can only be done once.
    These are the HQ-Missions, where you simply drive to your new regional HQ. The other Mission is the short race which is similar to a drag race against one of Troys crew members.
    Those missions are the only that are not replayable and it wont make any sence to replay those missions, because:
    - The HQ Missions wont give you any rewards
    - The "drag race" would be way to easy to grind parts (and tbh i dont know if there was any reward given after the race, its way to long ago when i've done it)
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    Thanks, Thor. I don't understand why there's a high score table attached to these missions (The Duel does not but various others do) if they cannot be replayed.
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