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    HIGH PING in own region

    Before the Blood Orchid went live, my ping in SEAS,EAS, and WJA was around 40~80 ping at max and now my ping on those data centers are 200+ ping. And please stop saying that its our ISP.... I'm a Streamer and all of my games are around below 100+ ping with my stream on. oh and I tried turning off my stream and disconnected all of my devices before starting the game.

    I already tried tweaking my UPNP, DMZ, Port Forwarding, and I even contacted my ISP to change the IP address I even had to pay 10$ just for changing it.
    its not just me whos having this problem. can you please listen to your players before you lose us.
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    I feel your pain too, man! I did the same things and my ping/ms is still ****ed up!!

    So Ubi, what the hell is going to happen?
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    Sigh. I don't really know what to do right now. from diamond down to bronze in 3 hrs...

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    same problem

    Wtf ubisoft, fix this, i used to get 80 ping on eau, seas, eas and wja, now i get over 250 on everyting excpet eau. This game is broken. Wtf is this operation healthw as ****. Now blood orchid is more ****.
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