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    The Fight for the Top (Facing off against Genocide)

    I wanted to make a thread about the experiences we all had playing against the top ranking leaders in Phone Destroyer, a place were we can share the play-through we had against the players we aim to take down one day.

    This is my experience against the current number 1, Genocide.
    I was Rank 50, about to enter the legendary rank and as if luck decided to slap me in the face, I was paired with the current champion. I started off my posting a crying Cartman :P however I wasn't gonna fold. My deck is based around restoration, to keep my bulky characters alive and launch an effective counter attack, (Adventure + Mystic). Geno however used several combo cards that could compliment each other when the first one died off, (Sci-fi + Fantasy).
    She first used Mimsi, I waited unit he got close and then launched my Storyteller Jimmy plus Heidi to de-power and widdle him off. This is were Geno summoned Marine Craig who poisoned my bulky players, luckily I summoned Sally seconds after. By then she brought out fifth element Randy and another card, (forget what it was), another tank-like character coming out when the first was nearly done and I'm barley holding one the first bar, it was already pretty dire and a minute hadn't even passed yet.
    My character had been weakened and I didn't have regeneration handy so I used Firestorm, super lucky I got the pigeon swarm that summoned right next to her Randy. Despite that, Randy and the other combatant were still alive, I brought out Sharron for quick heals but my forces were split, taking care of her Craig along with a Stan the Great who effectively killed off my team plus one bar.
    I lost my first bar thanks to Genos's Stan, I killed him off but she already began the next wave. Canadian Knight Ike + Robin Tweek, turned an assassin into a tank, followed with a bunch of other assassins. I got my zen Cartman out to stall as I began to unleash my own wave. Unfortunate for me, Ike recovered all his 400 plus HP every time he charged, I used Lightning to finish him off and lost another bar.
    The last one I took down was Astronaut Butters and just then Genos put down Enforcer Jimmy. No time to save up energy, my last character was quickly put down and he was going for my last bar, on-top of that Genos' put down the Gnomes. I put down Nelly for a cheap counter but while she took care of the swarm, Jimmy finished me off.

    2 minutes 18 seconds.

    I talked about this on OAMP's YouTube videos but I thought this could be a great topic to discuss our tough as nails fights against the big bads. Tell me about your fights with these seemingly unstoppable foes, how you didn't back down and maybe if you ever won.
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    the top?

    How do you know who is the top player or not? is there a list somewhere? or did i misinterpret this or...?
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    @notime4tomorrow once you hit level 50 in pvp(not character level) you get a # rank in gold instead. Legendary players are numericly ranked and all awesome.
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