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    Totally respect that people all like different (and multiple), MH. Don't view it as a homework assignment, particularly with all you have going on post-storm. Was just a curiosity. I ask because most of what was able to be done in the original game is doable in 2014 and there are a lot of people here that can help you configure it to your liking...

    Good luck!
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    OH, that be cool....Thanks for the input stray75 - appreciate the feedback. Lemme ask while we're talking - is there a way to use RS as an amp? Obviously not to take out on the road with me but if I just wanna play around practice scales or whatever?
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    Have not loaded up the original RS in years, but 2014 has the Tone Designer portion you can go in and edit your own tones or load tones from different songs and play what you want with them.
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    So, it acts as an amp - I assume then it would have effects to play with too? Cool...had not ventured into the tone designer. Thanks OoT
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