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    The problem must have been the update from monday or tuesday last week. After that I couldn´t connect to the server too because i always had the error that there´s no connection to the Internet.... although I was connected. The solution für me was to restore my Windows System ( and to remove the update this way). SInce then everything works fine again and the bad update isn´t loading. Maybe somebody will find this helpful. But please be careful when restoring your OS, I don´t take any responsibility for any problems ! Game on !
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    Seems nothing is happening yet and people still can't connect. All we got is chris referring to people that don't react either, not sure how that gonna resolve anything.
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    I also have this connection problem, and have had so for a week. The Rayman Legends daily challenges have been down/unreachable a couple of times before, but only for a day or so. If i recall it started on tuesday 22:nd after there was a patch for Uplay that autoupdated, so the problem is on Ubisoft´s side, and us players should not have to "fix" anything or rollback to previous versions.

    A bit annoying with this downtime, even more so the lack of information from Ubisoft. I have played more or less every challenge since the game came out, and i´d like to continue or get informed if the challenges have been permanently disabled for PC.

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    Hey guys!
    I found a solution!!!

    Follow this tutorial made by me!


    Now we have to wait for Ubisoft to fix this problem!

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    Thank you!, the replacement of the Ubisoft Game Launcher files indeed solves my problem.

    In the Ubisoft Game Launcher folder there is also a file named version, I edited this to the latest UPlay version: 5397 and this prevents the Game Launcher from updating as well. This way I can boot the game without going offline.
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    Rayman Legends Server down ?

    Hello Leila
    Thanks for the Fix.It works.

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