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    Blood money on Commendation

    Blood money which is commendation in Last Stand says "Have acquired 100000 Last Stand Credits" at stage 1.

    What is the Last Stand Credits?
    I thought it means the personal score in Last Stand but the earned points from one game is much smaller than the personal score.
    I did more than 30 games but the current point is 42K. Usually my personal score is around 15K. It's strange.

    I found the increasing amount from one game is similar to SHD tech.
    If the Last Stand Credits mean SHD tech, it is so hard to correct the SHD tech more than 100K.

    Is it intensional or bug??

    Thank you.
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    Yeah, I'd also like to know......
    What are Last Stand credits and how do you earn them?
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    When you kill NPC's they drop credits you can use them for tactical support
    The 2 things that gives points for kills and the other one
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