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    Far Cry 4 keeps freezing

    I would appreciated support for the following:

    1) I play FC 4 on Windows 7 as my system (which is a bit on the old side) doesn't handle Windows 10. However I have been playing FC 4 on this machine from the day it came out without any issues what so ever. But ever since the latest update of NVIDIA drivers or game update - I am not sure which - the game just freezes up after about 15 to 30 minutes of game play. Previous to that I would play for hours without any issues. Are you able to assist??

    2) Over the last couple of months (and yes, I know I am being a bit vague here) when the game starts i.e. after the uPlay intro, there is a buzzing sound which fluctuates from low to high pitch. This sound is NOT heard at any other time. It starts with the game and disappears when I close the game. It really is quite annoying and wonder if anybody else has experienced this.

    I would have attached a DXdiag file but can't see where to attach it.

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    You answer your own question - that buzzing sound indicates a hardware issue nothing to do with FC4. Freezing up after a certain time usually indicates a temperature problem maybe CPU/GPU/PSU .. well you find out
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    Hi. Thanks for your reply. What you are saying is that the increased pressure on the hardware that is associated with the running of a game causes the system to overheat? Hmmmmm.... ok. Looks like it is time for a new PC. Again, thanks for your time.
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    Far Cry 4 freezing

    Played Far Cry 4 every since it came out on Win 7 and now Win 10, no problems. No hardware issues, but ever since Uplay did an update on 11 Jun, Far Cry 4 is freezing.
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