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    Unable to Play Prince of Persia 3d game....Please please help me ......

    I am serious fan of prince of persia 3d game.I have downloaded it from online.Every thing is going perfectly.I have completed level 12 nicely but the end of floting_ruins .i.e when lamsu came and prine go to lamsu the game unfortunately quiting and level 14 is not loading.I have tried several times but same thing happens.Please help me ,i want to play later lavel and want to save princess from rugnor.Is this a game bug or not i can't understand.

    Pls Pls help me.. and give solution....

    I am using operating system is windows 2010.
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    I have not played the download version. The Windows version allows you to save hundreds of games. Have you been saving games along the way?
    There are some known unfixed (as far as I know) bugs in the original game. But load a saved game from some point before the problem and play again often got me past the temporary problem.
    Many (most) of the Prince of Persia games give the player ample chances to save a game so that you may replay from that position and level in the game.
    I encountered probably five different stumbling blocks along the way while playing and replaying the game over the years.
    Good luck with your replaying.
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