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    Bass guitar issue


    i have a problem when i try to connect my bass guitar to play rocksmith, i have the realtone cable and windows install the driver fine in any usb.

    But i think that the signal have a problem, bass guitar only make sound on windows if i set the input volume for the realtone cable below 40% when i put over 40% on windows settings there is no sound. And the sound below 40% imput volume is full of distortion and noise on windows. Obviusly rocksmith can't calibrate this mess.

    I chek my bass guitar on the amp and it works fine.

    I think that the bass guitar sends a very high signal or a very low one, or the cable is broken but i bought it 4 days ago.

    I've been searching 3 days for a solution on internet, and i uninstall, reinstall and update realtek drivers, realtone driver, i tryed all the usb ports, unplug all the usb cables, change the bass batteries (is an active bass) and nothing works.

    Any idea?

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    when i upgraded from ps4 to ps4 pro i had same problem with both my guitar and bass. I managed to fix guitar but couldnt fix the bass to a point i liked the sound. When i had ps4 it had good sound and i was happy, With ps4 pro sound felt like it had a lot of distortion and gain. After reading forums i found out that i need to strum really hard and loud while calibrating and when it says mute strings i dont mute manually but i let them go back to silent alone slowly without touching. It certainly has to do with the way rocksmith calibrates so you need to experiment. I m still not happy with bass sound especially when i know that it used to sound fine when i had normal ps4 but i still play from time to time. The above trick worked well for guitar though.
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    I'm confused by the mention of Realtone drivers and input volume settings. This doesn't match anything that I see on my PC setup.

    Could you elaborate on your system and what you are having to do, setup-wise, to get this working for your guitar?
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    try a different usb port.
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