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    Montagne getting killed trough the shield

    So i play monty for a while, but sometimes when i use my big shield and corner my self.people just rush in to me shoot random in the air and i get headshottet.... everyone got this problem of my friends , am i the only one with my friends or is operationhealth just being **** again? . there is enough youtbue content where people play monty and show Scences where they get killed that way... just trough the shield

    Here is a Link to a Example Painting for people that Don't understand what i mean... else just youtube it
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    happened to me heeps of times. One time someone shot me through the little window of the shield. Not sue if that is a thing. A lot of times people seem to spin round and shoot me I.e. They spring 180 in front of me and shoot and I die even though I am in a corner with full shield up. I figure it's a sync issue although the re-lay shows the same
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    lol i love the pic. And yes true Monty is very broken and nerfed now, thats why i stopped playing him entirely.
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    I agree. I played more than 250 hours for Monty and i get killed through shield very often.
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