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    so basically the defensive meta is not fixed u cannot do a light light combo cause u'll be parried and bang eat a huge heavy , so a staring contest will still be a staring contest , and defense still >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> much more rewarding than offense .

    so where is the defensive meta fix we are all been waiting for ....

    damn right still under testing for months now

    of course we have the right to be extremely salty about this
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    I have no idea what the hype is about with the next patch. So a new season, new heroes. So what? The core issues are still there. Its not fixed. They have had months to fix these issues now and they have done internal testing for a long time.. What is the resault? Why the hell isnt it fixed yet?
    Its like they havent really come to any good conclusion one bit. Chip damage added? My mother could make that change, and it is a change that was pretty universally talked about. So they go ahead and copy what the "majority" spoke about. How hard of a decision is this really?

    I just dont see the combat having any good flow EVEN WITH THE CHANGES THAT IS NOT COMING WITH THE NEXT PATCH.

    What is the feedback FROM A SKILLED player of the ptr? I just dont see any real core change there. Either way, mordhau alpha testing might start at the end of august(MIGHT), hopefully it do.
    That combat seems to have a really nice flow.
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    Well, at least this means I get to enjoy Blind Justice not being a parry counter that is actually parry bait itself, a little bit longer.
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    So flicker fix isnt icluded either atleast I didnt find it there (only some oos cancels) , they are so ****ing slow its really start to piss me off.
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