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    Importing Rocksmith 2011 Songs Into Rocksmith 2014

    I bought Rocksmith 2014 digitally (no disc) on the PlayStation Store.

    Later I wanted to get some Rocksmith 2011 songs. I did some research and it seemed like I had to do the following:

    Buy a PS3
    Buy Rocksmith 2011
    Buy the Import Tool

    Then I thought it would work. It hasn't though.

    I bought the Import tool on the PS3. My PS3 and PS4 are on the same PSN account. I downloaded the Import tool on the PS4. I still don't see any Rocksmith 2011 songs, such as Panic Switch, on Rocksmith 2014.

    Can you help?
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums,

    It seems like you've taken all of the correct steps, so far. Please try to restore your licenses on your PS4 as shown towards the bottom of the FAQ here:

    If you're still unable to see the songs, please get in touch with Playstation Support so they can troubleshoot this with you.

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