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    Licensing Use Authentic tones for own music

    I have a question regarding buying songs for Rocksmith and getting Authentic Tones. Do we have the legal right to come up with our own music and melodies and record them using authentic tones to create tracks that we can charge money for, or create loops and tracks that we release royalty free on sites like looperman?
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    I would think royalty free would be no issue. People post their own playing in the Jam Studio (I can't remember what it is called now) mode all the time.
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    1) There's nothing about the Rocksmith tones that are authentic to the original music. Ubisoft creates them when the dlc is made.
    2) I don't think there's anything about a DAW plugin setting or guitar signal chain that can be copyrighted. If you want to sound like Kirk Hammet and go buy the same equipment as he uses and set all the knobs identical to his, but play different music, then I'm willing to bet that his "tone" is not protected.
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    best guess

    If the music is original and yours, it does not really matter what instrument you used to play it.
    or instrument effect you use.

    as long as that effect is exactly that. just an effect, as in, you can't use someones else music and loop it in as an effect.
    not speaking for Ubisoft, tones should be fine, you purchased them with the song and alone they are nothing, they are an effect.

    now jam session is a completely different can of worms. you would need direct written permission from Ubisoft on that,
    if it is for profit.

    am not an official expert so if I am wrong, do correct
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