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    suggestion for blatant cheater detection heuristic

    trend player kills against dx/dt

    x = number of players on the server

    dx/dt is the rate of change of number of players on the server. dx/dt < 0 = players are leaving the server

    if dx/dt < (some rate of negative change k) and (some fraction f) of last (some number n) kills by same player, then begin record samples of that players game play for later review.

    track player killers and optimise values of k, f and n. separate recorded game play into discreet sets based on number of standard deviations from normal.

    the implementation of this kind of heuristic would make it simple to identify the kind of hackers/cheaters that turn servers into ghost towns because no one wants to play with them.
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    Problem is that these methods often catch legit players too. Especially when you get a really strong 4 man team, those can quickly empty a LS match.
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    no anti cheat is perfect but not having any is just leathal for such game. punkbuster would be a great start but UBISOFT is too proud to ask for it.
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