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    Mic not working 2.2.2

    Ever since patch 2.2.2 my mic hasn't been working in R6. When I talk he voice chat icon appears for me but not for other people and they can't hear me in game, but my mic still works fine in discord and CSGO ect

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    same here i can't hear or speak throw ingame voice chat and even the name that pop up when i or someone speaks doesn't same problem with a lot of my friends
    but some people saying its working fine with them like a match i was in it wasn't working for me but my teammates could hear each other
    but of course every time ubisoft try to fix anything it end up more broken or break more things
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    Me too ;/ same problem. But I can hear others.
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    Same here. I can't speak and I can't hear others.

    Seems to me like it's incompatibility between the ISP and the new voice chat protocol or servers. Not being able to hear your teammates or talk to them is pretty serious. Please fix this, Ubisoft.

    Note: If more technical info is required, please PM me.
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    Same Issue

    My mic is not working in VOIP. The little icon that says im talking appears for me but noone else. Really annoying. Ubi plz fix.
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    Same here

    I noticed it as soon as the patch went up i was in a ranked game and the whole lobby wasnt able to hear each other.
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    Microphone Implementations

    Same problem.

    I'm just baffled how at every patch they introduce more bugs than they solve. How hard is it to have a simple select / drop down option in audio setting to select the microphone, volume and gate you want to use.

    Also a transmission indicator! You currently have no idea whether sound is being transmitted in the game unless you lobby with a friend and ask them if they can hear you. You just get an icon which will display whether audio is coming through or not. As much use as a chocolate fireguard.

    Steam has had this basic functionality for over 10 years! All they've ever changed about it is improving the codec quality. You talk and the bar goes up and down if audio is being transmitted. All audio applications have this.

    I work for a software development company and I just can't get my head around how you don't have someone at Ubisoft with common sense, that say to the developers:
    "How will the user know if audio is being transmitted?"
    "How will the user select which microphone they want to use?"
    "How will the user see if they are too loud or too quiet?"

    Common sense questions like these would save you hours of bug fixing and stop the haemorrhaging brand damage you sustain every time you rush a release and introduce more bugs and "content" into the game.

    Implement, fix and improve the the basic functionality before shovelling more s**t on top of the ever growing pile of s**t we already have to deal with.
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    i have this problem too, verified files, reinstalled game, reinstalled uplay. seems its an isp issue with new voice chat servers.
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    to be fair, people who can talk there a pretty clear crystal sound now o.o. But its not a lot useful for me who cant talk anymore xD.
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