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    Peacekeeper - Soft-Feint in chained Attacks gone since timesnap removal

    Opened a Ticket with Support, just FYI:

    Dear Ubi-Support,

    since the last patch in For Honor which removed the "timesnap" feature it is impossible on Peacekeeper to Soft-Feint a Heavy into a Guardbreak when in a chained attack sequence like Light-Heavy Soft-Feint into GB or Light-Light-Heavy Soft-Feint into GB.

    The only way it works now is with a Heavy startup Soft-Feint into GB.

    Since this is not mentioned in the 1.09 or later Patchnotes nor in the "Known Issues" Forum section, but it was introduced with the removal of timesnap, I guess it is a bug. Please fix.
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    Sooo, this is what I got from Ubi-Support:

    Hi there Charmzzz,

    My name is "XXXXX" from Ubisoft Customer Support, thank you for contacting us.

    Thank you for reporting this bug, I have now tested this myself and can confirm you are correct, the PK seems to not be able to cancel directly into guardbreak from a heavy, but only if it's a chained heavy. It still seems to be working for normal heavy startups as you mentioned.

    If you can get any footage of this along with my testing I can send this over to our dedicated team for investigation and eventual resolution.

    If you need help with anything else, don't hesitate to contact me.

    They can reproduce it, but still need footage? Some things I will never understand...
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    Alright, Bug is reported to the Devs:

    Hi again Charmzzz,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I requested footage from yourself simply to have more evidence to provide, but at this point I've already tested the bug on all platforms and no further evidence is required. The bug has already been reported directly to the For Honor team, and is already being looked into.
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    Oh i didn't even know that was a bug !
    Thanks for the report !

    My pk will become even stronger... é_é
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    this is a bug? I thought they simply just didn't allow it during chains. hopefully that gets fixed. it really does hurt her offense to not have it.
    and post PTR 2 changes she'll need it since most of her damage comes from bleed and parries will no longer get her GB for bleed.
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    I am a PK Main and I could soft-feint any heavy on startup (no matter if in a chain or not) into a Guardbreak before the Timesnap feature was removed. In the early days I met a good PK player who teached me this "tech". So yes, it is a bug and not intended.

    Actually it hurts PK alot when you fight higher skilled opponents. There are 0 mindgames possible when you are in a chain. You can only stop after the 2. Light, feint the heavy or let it go through. That's it. And almost nobody falls for the heavy soft-feint GB combo when it is not in a chain...
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    To be honest i don't think anything positive has gained from having time snap disabled. they should probably just turn it back on.
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    Uhh...I thought PK's moveset only covered soft feints from heavies into lights?
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    Originally Posted by Felis_Menari Go to original post
    Uhh...I thought PK's moveset only covered soft feints from heavies into lights?
    And even this is not working when in a chained attack sequence. The soft-feint GB always worked since release until timesnap was removed. Worked on heavy startup from neutral and on heavy startup in chains. When the UBI guy confirms that it is a bug and he sends it to the Devs, well, I guess it is a bug?
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    @Ubi: Can I please get an update on this? Confirmed a month ago, never heard anything about it, not in Warrior's Den, nothing in the known issues section. Is the team aware of the bug???
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