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    Is it all online?

    I love to play with a group of friends or with a friend but this is the type of game I want to play single-player first. As in everyone is an npc and there are no other players. But I would love to play with friends in a world full of npc's and no other players. I don't want it to be an mmo.
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    Getting shot up on the starboard side mid travel or during a mission by somebody does sounds kind of annoying.
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    Beyond good and evil was originally a single player game and so that’s what most fans are used to. I don’t want it to be all online. It’s like making fallout 5 all online or elder scrolls 6 you need to play online.
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    I prefer a pure singleplayer game, but a coop-mode with 2-4 players could be also nice, if you do it right. But I want to be able to do every mission alone, if I want. So the coop-mode should be really optional. And please don't create a MMO, it just destroys the atmosphere, if there are hundred strange players walking in the cities.
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    That's what a really want. A rich singleplayer experience. That you can play alone or with 3 more people.
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    This is still my biggest concern for BGE2. Ubisoft has always been one of my favourite developers and I have so much faith in what their teams are capable of - really these are very talented people. But if this game ends up being multiplayer focused, or worse - an MMO, not only will I have lost so much interest in it but also I feel as though it would be so reductive to the rich story and interesting NPCs the BGE franchise has always inherently possessed.
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