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    I have a seriously short fuse though if it comes to customer criticism from gaming kids and rather waive at the few thousand bucks this would make in favor of my mood.

    I am not kidding though that at some point there should be a Steep community game about snowboarding! Vek on reddit deleted my thread because he thought I was trolling.
    But maybe I can convince a few people who know their way around 3D/Blender&Co. that it is not so far fetched really.
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    Some more vistas. Amazing what Unreal Engine puts on screen. All in 1920x1080 and maxed out with mostly 60fps apart from some tiny hickups.

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    Here is the download for the latest version with Kayaking


    System requirements: Windows 7,8,10( 64bit); CPU: i3-type or higher; GPU: GTX 780 or higher for 60fps/1080p
    Ram: 6GB recommended or higher; Diskspace: ~3GB; Gamepad or Keyboard/Mouse

    It has Kayaking, Climbing, Walking/Running and Swimming. There is also Help menu. It is fully functional and tested. You need hardware that can run Steep on the last two quality settings. You can also adust quality in the game (view distance,...)

    Next is Mountain Biking and Weather.

    I already have a bike model. Idea is to be able to place it before timed trailrunning tours somewhere on the way and then pick it up from there. For example on some hill top. You can carry it, but it will slow you down terribly. So best use it once at a strategically good spot an then leave it behind. This should make some good tactics on where to put it before you start the timed tour. For free roaming you can use it anywhere you want. I am also hot for including flips and 360° and stuff.
    Implementation will like in the video. Something like first person, but open world of course, not on trails like in MTB Freeride.
    Weather will be temperature, wind and fog. All influencing your recovery rate, your climb grabs and so on. I am also thinking about a night mode with head lamp.

    If someone wants to texture the bike model, you are welcome.

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    I've never touched gaming art, design, or code... What would you use to add texture to that bike? I like messing around with art stuff from time to time, ill give it a try if my laptop can run it.

    Had no idea that bike sim was out back in 2014! I dont understand why more games like this don't exist on all platforms. Maybe just the sheer fact its "niche" (action sports) compared to the plentiful other genres.
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    You only need Blender, which is a freeware modelling tool.
    In Blender you would "texture paint' it. You literally paint the bike and its parts. This is usually the second big chunk of work for models, the first one being creating the naked polygon vesion. The third part is animating, but I go first person view to cut this.
    If you watch texture painting + Blender on some Youtube tutorials you will get the idea.

    I will upload the bike model on the weekend in a Blender file here.

    Yes, all this is brutal niche. You will never see a Ubisoft game like this because they have to feed mouths. You will never see "Steep Summer". But they want it! I dare say they yearn it, the Annecy outdoor guys that did Steep! They just can not do it because in a AAA corporate framework the development costs too much for such a niche. This is clear indie terrain! I guess that's why I am allowed to do it here.


    There is also the other option to modelling, which is Photogrammetry to create base models and textures. Then those base models get mesh clean up and so on. They used that a lot in Star Wars Battlefront. Equipment-wise they just used a good camera and Agisoft Photoscan. I did exactly the same for my Kayak, my Backpack and my old hiking boots. It produces really cool results, although not as precise as hand modelling. Therefore the bike with its small parts is not possible to photoscan.

    this is my real life stuff in the game without any mesh clean up or texture clean up. the photoscan even resolved the zipper of my backpack.

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