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    Hidden caves or map areas

    While others have mentioned about gameplay features or hidden easter eggs etc, I believe that this suggestion is very close to the game's core. Going above and beyond in finding a cave which has special tracks for particular sport type would be really amazing.

    Optionally, to make it even more interesting, these caves could be generative so that no two caves for different users (or time bases since the map is shared for many users) are same or at the same location. This would really make it a constant time based event to find the next hidden cave. The community could come together to find it and then share and compete on the track.
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    Bon jour STEEP crew! As per your request, and at the behest of my 230+ member STEEP Glide Ratio+ community on PS4, I am posting our suggestions and recommendations. I am an action sports athlete in real life, like many of my friends who play this game we are all hoping the best moving forward and hope to help make it better with each update. We are REAL LIFE snowboarders, skiers, paragliders, base jumpers, and yes, wingsuit pilots! (no one has "rocket wings" (yet) but i digress...)
    We have made these suggestions before, many times even, but here we go, one LAST TIME....
    1. FIRST PERSON VIEW- Fix the stability, and sound issues. My GoPro camera IRL is WAY more stable, and has great sound quality, unlike the one in the game which works about as well as a gen1 GoPro Hero and make the sounds off being stuck in the old plastic waterproof case despite the fact none of the cameras in the game are cased.
    2. Chairlift/Gondola/cable car- This needs to be a dynamic part of the game. Hiking is only allowed off piste or in the park on most ski mountains. the lift ride up IS a social space in real life, make it so in the game.
    3. Wingsuit Physics-Wingsuits need to be able to FLARE, STALL, ROLL, etc. fix this please. My skydiving crew from GTA, SKYZ Sky Children was actively sought out by you guys for testing this game. We are REAL LIFE skydivers, base jumpers, and wingsuit pilots. If you want to see how it could be there's a game called "skydive- Proximity Flight" check that out and implement a stunt/trick system like that, please.
    4. BASE jumping- Our biggest disappointment is the lack of running exits/stunts. As a basejumper IRL, I was really saddened by the lack of the running exit. We also need to be able to do a TRUE B.(building) A.(antennae) S.(span) E.(earth) set. and rolls/flips/tracking
    5. GIVE US MORE!!! so much to list.. I will compress it to save time-
    6. let us FLY THE HELICOPTER and exit as in real life! wingsuit exits from helicopter are the MOST COMMON USE OF WINGSUIT with Air Balloon and airplane exits close behind, Wingsuit BASE being the LEAST COMMON
    8. FUNCTIONAL TOOLS- Flares that DROP, Shovels to DIG and BUILD kickers, etc.!!!!
    10. LARGER GROUPS/More players
    11. Let our tracks/smoke STAY LONGER
    finally a few of my own personal gripes.
    More paragliders/ canopies/ wingsuits and smoke to all air activities
    INVITE ONLY/ Solo lobbies
    Watching your streams and seeing your developers w kids equipment on is ridiculous.
    Featuring, repeatedly, someone "walking across the map" is stupid.
    I'm starting to remember why your player base has been declining.... Most of us still go back to GTA for the flights. Exiting from ANYWHERE, especially planes and choppers w/ multiple canopies and smoke colors... THAT alone would get a lot of us back on.
    Sorry for the rant, I am VERY passionate about my sports and maybe I expect too much from you...
    I have sent in numerous emails with these suggestions and more and never even gotten a response that they were seen, so i wont be suprised if no one responds to this.
    Maybe just watch my STEEP video-

    at only 237 views currently, ( I don't self promote)
    Best wishes from Yosemite CA
    Rob Narly
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    Originally Posted by robnarly33 Go to original post
    Maybe just watch my STEEP video-
    at only 237 views currently, ( I don't self promote)
    Love it... "I dont self promote"... (shares link). lol.
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    Hi guys,

    Here's my list of ideas for exploring, in no particular order:

    1. Marking, NAMING and saving your own locations (being able to select time and ambience for each location or select a 'none' option (i.e. the time and/or ambience should not change when you move to the location))

    Also, users' locations must only be deleted by the users themselves, not by Ubi (as happened with saved trails after the Extreme update) - or you could give us a backup option to quickly restore saved locations

    2. Faving locations
    3. Clean interface look with F11 in free roam (popup messages ok)
    4. No Winterfest stuff in free roam
    5. Ladders, climbing up buildings
    6. Jumping while walking (to jump on small rocks and barriers and such to avoid walking around them)
    7. Emotes (as in Division)
    8. Chat (as in Crew)
    9. Open doors, enter buildings
    10. Turning around? when reaching world limits on paraglider
    11. Dynamic weather, time of day (as in Crew) (this is arguable though)
    12. Color smoke, smoke glowing at night

    Of these, I guess 1-3 are the most important, others would be nice to have.

    Also, (the most important thing would be) FIREWORKS ) - you should be able to stick them into the snow, move away, then launch

    Anyway, that's a long list, hope it might be helpful
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    Fix and enhance skier animations and physics

    I am an avid skier, and I can say without hesitation that the skier animations look like a novice who is skiing out of their league. The posture and body position are what good skiers learn NOT to do. For a game that has big aesthetic and feel components, the skier animation is almost a deal breaker. For exploration you need to enjoy and feel the fundamentals, and the skier has the fundamentals wrong. Please fix this.

    Per my comment above, it's quite remarkable how this game has tapped into the aesthetic and feel of skiing. If you could tweak the physics to get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of just riding and turning, you'd open up so much more in terms of exploration. Not all turns are carved--particularly in soft snow. Sometimes you carve (the way you turn in Steep), sometimes you smear (like the speed scrub in the game), most of the time you're blending the two. Give us the ability to vary the turn, carve, smear, and pop. Maybe this could be engineered to get a "pop" in the turn--which is almost always there in reality. Turning is also not a 2-dimensional experience locked to the surface. All turns have a vertical (normal to the surface) element--particularly in deep snow. Last but not least--vary the snow depth, and reflect it in the physics. Give us some deeeep.
    If you can better channel the fundamentals of riding, you'd open up more of the world for enjoyment.

    Thanks for your time.
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    My requests

    The game is a beautiful game already and provided a lot of the things I was looking for in such a game. There are some things that I would like added however:

    - Ability to add our own kickers/ramps etc to customise our runs more in the backcountry
    - A social hub to meet up with players (ability to go inside buildings)
    - Throw snowballs!
    - Snowmobiles would be a very nice feature added as it can be used to explore the backcountry and get to places in a nice way
    - Igloos! I don’t know why but I like the idea of making and customizing our own igloos and bringing friends over
    - Ability to fav locations and locate our favourite lines easy
    - Ability to use cable cars
    - Ability to actually ride in the helicopter

    Thanks in advance.
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    Moar life

    The game was fun for a moment, but after a while going through the map got boring. I mean all the villages etc... All the houses look the same, there's no life anywhere, no people or cars or cleared up roads or anything.


    Put life into the world:
    - people in the villages
    - open roads with traffic every now and then
    - lights in the buildings
    - shops & cafes for socialising!
    - lifts!!! Make them run and usable!

    - make skiing on flat ground or uphill possible
    - skier animations, really? I'm sure that's fixed for Road to Olympics, but bring it to the base game too

    - some snow, sleet or rain? Even a light breeze would be nice.

    - snowmobiles and snowcats

    - would be nice to do something else than just jumping
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    Dynamic Weather System

    I think adding a dynamic weather system would be an awesome and fun addition to the already huge mountains in the game. It would be great if you were just carving down a mountain and then all of a sudden a huge blizzard rolled in. Or if you are in a competition and a big storm rolled in. This would add more depth to the snow, making for deeper riding and carving fresh snow on the mountains. Making visibility tougher to see while riding, which makes it harder to see trees and rocks/cliffs. Also adding a dynamic weather system could make for the addition of possible avalanches. I remember the snowboarding game Stoked had a dynamic weather system and it is what made that mediocre game a lot more fun to play.
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    Hi.sorry im posting this post here.i didn't find anywhere else.does anyone know how much is size of update 1.13?
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