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    Far Cry 3 Co-op 2nd decoder - app and website dead

    Ok, so how do i get that co-op second decoder slot going? The Iphone app will not allow an xbox user to connect and the website at is dead with bad coding per for at least a week, and looking at old chats it's been down for years. I contacted technical support to see if they could simply add the decoder to my slot but they said that the developer handles the decoder slots. Assuming that's true, how do I contact the developer to add the decoder slot #2? Very strange.
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    Same problem

    I get the same issue! It only shows PC for platforms!
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    still dead

    The app and website don't work! Why the developers don't react to this problem since aug 2017??
    Why those who purchased the game now have to recieve not a fully functional game?
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