It's weird. I'ver read everyone can hear sound in cut movies and can't in the game. I have the exact opposite problem. I can hear the sounds in the game but not in the really good bathing cut scenes. It's like forgetting your inlaws uncles name annoying or enduring unemployment under a Bush administration annoying. It's annoying but I'll live. I would never have played the game if I couldn't have heard it. I would have marched back in to Best buy and said I want my money back. And they'd say we can't give money back on opened software. And I'd say why. Then they'd accuse me of stealing in a round about refer to third person self and reflect way. They I'd pretent to be appauled then remember they make $8/hr on a Saturday Night. Then remember I'm going to buy a game on a Saturday night and I'm unemployed. Then I'll remember the reason I am playing video games at the age of 32... to take my mind off of the horror around me that I can't do anything about so I pretent to externalize it and going with my life when if I look at my credit card statements I know that Each month I have increasingly purchased software to help me exist in a fantasy world that I can control and be god. I have to remember that none of these companies that I buy these games from have ever offered me a job and said, come help us make great distraction mechanisms for the masses who need to be pacified into signing up to be enslaved by a government who has out grown its use and is in its decline. Not to mention the fact that games could easily be made to helping people learn language or just increase their own personal edification while playing a game for 45 hours. You could learn conversational Russian in 45 hours of repetitive-do-it-again and again and again replay and try to kill the trolls who you have to jump over but you have to wall push the big blue guys who take out your ankles if you don't jump over them.oh no-you can't jump over them because the block you so you have to wall push. I learned all that when I could have been hearing Hungarian and memorizing hungarian or swahely or trying to understand stem cell research so you can regenerate you 200 different type of organ tissue and never die.. unless you get hit by a beer truck. Oh never mind that because I sit on my rear all day and play games never leaving the house to enjoy a beautiful spring perfect temperature day.