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    This error has been fixed by me you Download and install full cyberghost 6 Vpn open and play without problem.
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    This Tuesday maybe?
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    I really want my money back. It's a S H A M E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    12 Gigs worth an update and still no fix... oh well...
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    Still not fixed..
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    same as everyone else, sort this **** out
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    WTF even after this BIG 12Go update... We're not done yet !

    There are f***ing kidding...I love this game, but after that, I'm gonna sell my account and GOODBYE Ubisuck ! Ignoring us like that...
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    7-0000004 a.k.a ubi sucks donkey ****

    Add me to the list... i spent 60 bucks on a game i cannot even play like ever every match is disconnecting i literally cannot play it.....
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    Fixed for me

    Hey guys i had this issue from the same update been trying to fix it for ages. Just happened upon the idea to see if it was my router at fault so i switched out to an old one i had spare and boom sorted it for me.
    hope this helps
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    Confirmed guys, I changed my router and now it works. No more 7-00000004 error.
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