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    Join the Samurai Shogunate, lets win every season!

    My Bushido kin,

    I am XenoNative, Daimyo of SAMURAI NO KAMI.

    I have been building a brotherhood/shogunate among-st samurai communities on the psn. This shogunate consists of 6 different samurai communities that act and move together as one on the battlefield. SAMURAI NO KAMI is the central hub for all samurai, which is currently at 2,000+ samurai warriors. In this hub, there is a Nobushi, Kensei, Orochi, Shinobi, and Shugoki community. Think of it like this, SAMURAI NO KAMI is the village, and in this village there are 5 clans that specialize in one warrior. Each of the samurai class clans operate independently but work within the shogunate for the greater good: Samurai victory!

    The communities that are a part of this samurai shogunate are as follows:
    • SAMURAI NO KAMI = all samurai classes (central hub)
    • Kensei = For Honor Kensei Wave Clan
    • Orochi = Yamata-no-Orochi
    • Nobushi = Nobushi Sisters of Death Clan
    • Shinobi = For Honor Shadow Clan
    • Shugoki = Sumo Mazoku

    So next to each samurai class above are the names to each community they are associated with. Join the community you main as or join the central hub or join both. To find them, from your ps4 go to the community tab and search for the community you want to join.
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    **Correction** the Shugoki community is called Shugoki Mazoku which means Shugoki Demon Clan.
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    j adhère

    salut je vais rejoindre votre communauté mon nom de jeu cheskiler ya besoin de gagner là faut se mobilisé
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    I'll join ya. Samurai for the win (because we all know another nerf is coming to our class.)
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    Applying for the Shugoki Mazoku.

    I've been a Rōnin for too long. I'll bring Honor to my Daimyo or take my own life in disgrace. PSN: Onikage-3.
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    Hereby applying for the Yamata-no-Orochi!
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    So, if I were to abandon my shameful ronin ways and look for honor among Samurai No Kami...

    I go to the community and sign up.
    Then how does the organizing work as it pertains to the faction war?

    I can check there to see where I should place my war banner?
    It's based on what hero I am?

    And are we actively teaming up as well.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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