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    Peacekeeper changes must become yesterday(not now)

    I write and another thread but in this thread I want this changes to be yesterday not now.

    First and most important the peacekeeper stance. Change it, is like fighting in crouch mode. Change it!!!!!!

    Create the moveset from the begginig!!!

    Do something to change the fame from this character. I am boring to tell me noob and spammer because using this class. Do something yesterday!!!!
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    People are just dumb if they get mad at you for using the PC. Also, I like the stance. I think it looks cool.
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    Haha, this guy got beaten badly bad a peacekeeper. You can tell from his exclamation mark overdose. :P

    Seriously though the peacekeeper is really buggy... I was playing against a few peacekeepers today and they were flickering everything. I'm guessing their area attack isn't supposed to hit as the indicator appears? because that's what was happening...
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    You don't understand I use PK and that I want changing to character I use
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    damn mate seems u bad pk, cuz pk stance this big ++ in this game, for me this very very comfortably i can see every attack and block 100-100 o.o why u want change it?
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