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    Originally Posted by fonze42 Go to original post
    you will get no sympathy from this toxic community. Sorry mate...

    I assume you mean that people such as myself are the ones originating this toxic behavior you are speaking of. That is far from the truth. Sure, some of our response can add to negativity but the ones who come on here complaining and demanding a whole game be remodified because it doesn't fit their exact ideal specifications are the one generating the toxic behavior.

    Those of us who are taking the time to explain, in specific detail, over and over exactly how this game is not even close to CoD, why 3 speed operators belong in this game and etc, etc, are far from being the originators of any toxic behavior.
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    Originally Posted by KEBABBAP Go to original post
    I'd say nearly 3000 matches played is plenty of time to gain an opinion on what is wrong with the game.

    3 speeds are a cancer of the game. 100%.
    You can have that opinion, however a 0.58 k/d indicates to me that you struggle to kill every type of operator, not just 3 speeds. Which I believe was the point Ping was making.
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    Originally Posted by UrbanRiot4 Go to original post
    Hibana and Capitao are annoying who're also 3 speeds same with Pulse and Bandit.
    Exactly so let's take away speed and make everyone slow to take away this peek in and out from corners junk it would hopefully prevent me from feeling like I got one tapped on my screen when in reality I got sprayed by a lot of bullets on thed opposing players side. I want all players to be as slow as Fuze but not take as many shots to kill.
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    Originally Posted by xTwentyThree23 Go to original post
    So what has changed? 3 speeds have been here the whole time.
    People didn't abuse the speed feature because the original community during beta viewed Ash main rushing as a stupid tactic. There was no vid or tutorial that tells you peek in and out relatively. Once people found out about these tactics it's completely changed the game to cartoon and unrealistic and people trying to justify drop shooting as a real life tactic are ******ed. If you've played real tactical shooters there were features were it's hard to keep your aim steady.
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    That would be an improvement, yes. It actually makes sense.

    Why are there different speeds in this game? It's pointless. Genuinely wouldn't have one problem if every operator was 2/2.
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