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    How to farm tier points.


    Before hitting Tier 01... I've decided to share my favorites missions to farm.

    In the 4 videos below, I made 45k tier points in a little over 28 minutes. That is well over 1k/min.

    Do easy high-paying missiongs. Be efficient. If you engage unidad, disengage fast. There is diminishing returns during a tier level but when you level up, it reset the points given.

    There are several other high paying mission that can be done easily. They might take a little longer or have a higher tendency to go wrong.

    Inca Camina https://youtu.be/GcSqp_q7R0Q
    Northern Plane
    La Cabra
    Southern Plane
    Eastern Plane

    Espiritu Santo https://youtu.be/6px9kabBdXQ
    The Advisor
    Gold Rush North
    La Santera

    Remanzo https://youtu.be/Kak5ej2t4FU
    The Mule Doctors
    The Quinoa Factory
    The Chemist

    Koani and Mojocoyo https://youtu.be/js9u71D9YAs
    The Convoy in Koani
    Gabriela in Mojocoyo

    And... proof it works:

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    Nicely done, norm!

    Great consolidated list as well
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    Great write up, thanks for the tips!
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    Congrats and Thank you!

    Thank you for this, a buddy of mine and I have been farming some of these, but this list is awesome! Congrats on making Tier 1; and enough blathering, gotta get in the game and catch up!
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