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    plz fix bug Crash 2/3 ..

    i cant play game after last update. with crash 2/3 bug

    of course, i opened a case 2weeks ago(28/06)

    but Ubi suport team still send me uselss answer again again.. like following step4, delete svaefile and uncheck cloud save..

    i think only way to resolve this ploblem is update the game to fix bug

    plz do something
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    Never ever.
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    Hey guys, we're sorry to hear that this crash has been preventing you from playing. The Steep team is investigating the issue and working on a solution. To help us gather as much information as possible, we're asking that PC players open tickets at https://support.ubi.com with their msinfo and dxdiag files attached.

    It looks like you already did this, rain8707, so thanks very much for your help! The team is working to get this fixed as soon as possible.
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    Ubisoft are a bunch of lazy ****s.

    this is absolutely disgraceful that nothing has been done, no hotfix or rollback. just ****ing the guys who bought the base game.
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    This is f***ing ridiculous...I only just got around to purchasing the game and can't even play it.

    $70 down the drain...
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