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    [Performance] DX12 Related Issues

    Type of bug: Performance

    Name of the bug: DX12 Related Issues

    Description: We are aware of some users experiencing issues when using DX12, in particular with cards with lower amounts of VRAM.

    Current status: Under Investigation.

    Workaround: We have identified two workarounds that have worked for some community members.

    1. If possible, revert to DX11 in the in-game options.
    2. If you can't access the in-game options menu, try clearing your config files.

    If that wouldn't work, could you see if clearing your config folder helps.

    To do so you need to go to documents folder where they are saved. This is normally found here:

    C:\Users\*PC NAME*\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division

    You can delete every file besides "user.bindings". All these files will be remade the next time you start the game.

    / Johan
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    Can I just add that I have a gtx 1080 and DX12 was locked for me in settings. I can access it now but only cos I had a problem with PC and had to re-install the game
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    My problems as of now are 2, related to DX12:

    1) Performance dropped since patch 1.6.1 [-20~25 FPS] and still present with patch 1.7
    2) I still have the loading screens capped at 30 FPS for some reason

    My PC Specs:

    Core i7 6700
    GTX 1070
    16 GB RAM DDR4
    SSD 850 EVO 1 TB

    I really hope you are going to fix these problems as quick as possible!
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    After patch 1.7 it seems like dx12 works as intended. Try it out.
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    Originally Posted by Cpl.Smith Go to original post
    After patch 1.7 it seems like dx12 works as intended. Try it out.
    If by works as intended, you mean CTD whenever I click over to full screen because DX12 for some reason won't go into full screen?
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    I still have major problems with crashes in DX 12 and also in DX 11, because in DX 11 are smaller, started after 1.6 and still continues in 1.7

    Constant crashes after 30 minutes of gameplay, it seems like this is loading something, it locks too much, fps 70 drops to 35, and it hangs a lot.

    I have 8gb VRAM and 16gb RAM, it was not for tar so it is a RX 480 .. In other games everything is in perfect condition. I think The Division after 1.6 did something with the Render of the game because it is not logical a game of that is having huge FPS crashes.
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    DX 12 is not an issue for only low vram gpus? I have Gtx 1070 and still an issue for me. DX12 fullscreen related, rainbow colored effects etc. You should check your information sources.
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    This is not only related to low vram.

    I have a GTX 1080ti, and after going from dx11 - dx12 the game keeps crashing.

    Going back to dx11 is all cool and such, for making the game work again. But you should make it work for dx12, else why have it as an option.
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    DX12 Issues

    1080ti, i7 5820k:

    • Freeze when using Fullscreen and swapping from windows and back into the game.
    • 1-2sec lag every 5-10 sec when running DX12, possibly only in fullscreen mode.
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    Hi together,

    possible fix in case of DX12-Flicker, framedrops and 1-3sec freezes:
    ================================================== =

    Deactivate **enable wind-affected snow** (so set it to --> no).

    The green-flickering has gone, no more framedrops, minifreezes and an smooth gameplay - but:
    Sometimes (very rare and soft) a white flickering happens - especiallyif you go from dark rooms to light rooms / areas.

    If i use DX11 --> no flickering (neither green nor white)
    So - Massive needs to adjust this.

    OS --> Win10 Pro 64bit

    CPU --> i7-5820K (not overclocked)

    Board --> Gigabyte X99-UD4 (latest Bios, latest chipset-driver, latest lan-driver)

    GPU --> Palit SJS GTX 1080 (latest VGA-Bios, Nvidia-Driver is 388.43 (G-Sync enabled)

    Monitor --> Dell S2716DG

    RAM --> 4x 4GB Quad

    Soundcard --> Soundlaster Z (latest driver)

    SSD --> Samsung M2 950 Pro 512GB

    I hope the this possible fix will help a lot of agents
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