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    Ideas for New Deck Themes

    So I'm loving this game so far, it reminds me of Magic the Gathering in terms of card structure and it gets me excited to see what they have planned next.

    So my thoughts here are to predict the kinds of deck themes they may launch in the future.

    I think a monster theme would fit the bill perfectly. Creatures that don't fit in with Fantasy or Religion, characters like Vampire Kids, Scuzzlebutt, The Ginger kids or the Crab People. Even established cards like Manbearpig or Ike Gremlin would fit better in the horror genre rather than sci-fi or neutral. That deck could play as a brute force deck with double edge swords. Like cards that do area damage but also hurt allies and strong attackers that can't heal. There is no shortage to monsters that showed up in South Park, I say the idea to have a theme around them would work out well.

    Share your ideas, think of ways each theme can work as a unique play-style and add on to others ideas if your want.

    A few more ideas for Horror themed characters.

    Zombie Kenny
    Evil Cartman
    Mutated Turkey's
    Giant Guinea pigs
    Tooth Decay
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    Haha, Tooth Decay would be hilarious. Also:

    - Mr. Jefferson (Michael Jackson) after his nose fell off and face started melting
    - Zombie Chef (with red Thriller jacket)
    - Succubus

    Speaking of Chef, Darth Vader Chef would be sweet for Sci-fi
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    Indeed, I started thinking of deck themes in relation to action genres, If I'm right, the Super Hero genre will no doubt be added as well.

    So now I'm thinking what aspects could a super hero genre cover that the fantasy deck doesn't. Perhaps a focus around keeping your character alive for long periods of time in order to access special abilities. So Charge times would be appear-ant but also conditions like 'you need at least three other characters on the field for this Warcry to happen' or this many enemies must be on filed for this Deathwish to work'.

    With that in mind, what other themes could work? Spy themed, war themed, Noir, post apocalyptic... Anime?
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    Just Thought of a new deck theme last night. Sports Theme.

    The cards would have a strong focus on area placement, you could have Stan as a football player dealing more push back, Pip hitting multiple targets at once in dodge ball, Wendy, (or any girl volleyball player) deflecting slow projectiles, and of course 'Kick the baby' Kyle. Kyle's charge could launch fellow allies across the course at other enemies doing double damage of their normal power, probably costing said ally a bit of hp in the process.

    I should really make another thread to discuss card and stage abilities cause it seems I can't help myself from figuring out what a character could do.
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    Mystery Deck

    Brace yourself cause this is gonna be a lengthy one.

    I want to further expand on the idea of a mystery/ noir themed deck. the charters would primarily be based around detectives, agents, thieves and other professions of the genre.

    So to compare with sci-fi that has a large focus on Freeze, Poison, Speed and mind control; I based this theme to be more situational, using phasing, mind control and theft.

    Card examples:

    Infiltrator Stan
    Charged: makes all allies phase for 4 seconds making all enemies ignore them accept for the one their attacking directly

    Hidden Villain Ike
    When this character kills an enemies, it phases for 7 seconds making all enemies ignore him accept for the one he attacks directly

    Dirty Cop Cartman
    Kill Trigger: Steals any death wish that the fallen enemy may have. (Excellent counter for Rush Decks).

    Detective Kyle
    While Kyle is in play, your able to see the energy count number above the enemy player.

    Master of Disguise (new character?)
    Instead of a 'deathwish' trigger, your given a kill trigger. Once you kill an enemy, you then become that enemy with all their abilities and latest charge time for 8 seconds, (you keep your own HP though)

    Cat Burgler (new character?)
    Has a charged ability that does nothing initially however the Cat Burgler can copy the charged special of the last enemy she hits. That means he or she can steal Program Stan's freeze or Wendy's heal shot, even Gizmo Ike's multiply. Stealing the abilities doesn't reset the enemies and the the ability stolen will always be the latest one hit who has the charge option.

    Thief Dougie
    Like all the other Dougie's he'll rush at the leader but after he makes the first hit, one random card will be stolen from the enemies hand or deck and that card will be the next one drawn for the play to use. After the player uses the card and it dies, said card will return to the original player.

    Patsy Butters/ Kenny
    If any allied character dies before the Patsy, the Patsy will die in it's place and the ally will recover 100HP

    Hard-boiled Clyde
    High HP, low attack; will take all random attacks like hook hand Clyde's 'warcry' at half damage.

    Lady in the Red... Red
    Warcry: Makes closest enemy their ally until either Red or the defecting enemy dies. you could also change it to however she hits first.

    Snarker Craig
    Able to ignore tank characters

    Streetwalker Token
    Charged, makes all allies in a 2.5 radius attack the enemy he's attacking.

    Femme Fatal Heidi
    Copies all 'warcries' that get triggered while she is in play.

    Spell Card: Evil Plan
    All charters within the spell range speeds up their charge ability for 4 seconds.

    Feel free to judge, add or whatever to the idea. I'll think of more to add in the following days hopefully.
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    Modern/Hero Theme

    "Coon" Trilogy has so much characters and CTULHU I mean it's simple an dthere is so much characters..
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    I guarantee that would be the first theme added to the game.

    What role would it play however? Sci-fi is about control, Mystical is about energy and healing, Adventure is offensive and so on. I think if we were to base this off Magic the gathering themes. It would either have to be 'powerful but costly' or 'double edge sword', (I personally think that last one fits better with Horror themed).
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    Military/Navy/Air Force Theme

    They could also do some kind of theme involving the military, I dont know what it would specialize in but I have some ideas:

    -aiding each other in battle

    - unleashing counterattacks

    - redirecting enemies to other targets.

    I also have some ideas for the characters too regarding the theme (I dont have stuff like call costs, types or abilities for some of them, just names and the roles I thought would fit):

    Kamikaze Dougie - Rushes to leader and explodes, dealing massive damage to any enemies nearby.

    Black Op Kenny

    Howitzer Timmy

    Commando Cartman

    Rocketeer Kyle

    Brigadier Randy - Summons Drones (flying)

    Flamethrower Wendy

    Gatling Gunner Bebe

    Cadet Butters

    Rambo Tweek

    Grenadier Craig

    Land Mine - Explodes and damages all enemy units in range when one walks over it. Can be targeted by ranged units and spells but not by any other units.

    Drone - flying


    Air Strike
    Attack Order

    I have no idea on how this could be balanced though.
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    Hey, just came to review this thread and I noticed Sky's War theme is really good.

    I can imagine things like Flamethrower Wendy being a ranged fighter and uses a hairspray can and a lighter to mimic the the real thing, plus she would have cone damage meaning she could hit multiple targets.

    Another idea is to have Commando Cartman have a charged ability to switch places with a random ally, and his idea of "going commando" is nothing but body paint :P
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