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    Which is your favorite PC game you never miss any chance to play it?

    When you start playing any video game and they have no nice graphics or sound so you also neglect it. When you play the PC games or thrilling game so you ever add that one in your favorite playlist and one of them my favorite is CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) I am the biggest fan of this game. It has the wow factor of thrilling effects and good sound effects. I really love to play and I never miss any chance to play it. I think you should also try it once. Which is your favorite one?
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    Definitely League of Legends for me. I've played LoL for about 6 years now, hit diamond a few times. I love it so much I've even bought a league of legends smurf account so I can have two accounts in diamond, since i want to learn ADC as well as Mid/Top I normally play.
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