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    As I said on reddit, this game seems to be the unwanted child and therfore gets absolutely no love.
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    Yeah, this was so frustrating yesterday. I could not work out how to get the helm to turn to the bearing for impulse or warp.
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    "Voice Commands Unavailable" message?

    Anyone receiving a "Voice Commands Unavailable" message?

    I have the toggle in Options set to On. I press the button for voice commands, and I get a little pop-up near the Objectives button that says "Voice Commander Unavailable". My mic check works. Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions?

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    Same issue here

    Same issue here on psvr, whenever I try to use voice I get 'voice command unavailable'. Mic is definitely working and registering my voice when I check settings and voice commands are definitely set in the options.
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    I noticed the same thing, but only on Continuing Voyages (I think that's what it was called). Seemed to work fine in the scripted campaign missions.
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    Completely broken in all missions, both ships.
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    Apologies for the inconvenience! Our team is currently aware of an outage and we're investigating further.
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    Voice commands

    Good morning! I literally JUST bought this game after being on the fence. Not being able to experience the voice commands is a real bummer. Keep us posted!

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    Watson Voice Command List

    Hope this helps....

    Approach Target
    Avoid Target
    Set Speed Quarter
    Speed Half Speed
    Full Speed
    Full Reverse
    Full Stop

    Raise Shields
    Lower Shields
    Scan Target
    Arm Torpedoes: Disarm Torpedoes
    System Intrusion:
    Disrupt Shields
    Disrupt Engines
    Disrupt Weapons
    Disrupt Comms
    Fire Phasers
    Fire Torpedoes
    Cease Fire
    Subsystem Targeting:
    Target Engines
    Target Shields
    Target Weapons
    Halt Subsystem Targeting

    Power to Engines
    Power to Shields
    Power to Phasers
    Balance Power
    Balanced Repairs
    Repair Subsystem:
    Repair Phasers
    Repair Engines
    Repair Torpedoes
    Repair Shields
    Repair Sensors
    Repair Warp Core

    Analyze Target
    Transport From Target
    Reduce Signature
    Prepare Warp
    Prepare Impulse
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