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    UATF Gaming will support BiA. More information coming soon. Site theme is currently under development for Brothers In Arms.

    UATF Gaming
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    Nice site!
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    Check it out!!!
    Clan Slayers HQ
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    Site: http://gamersassault.net/bia/
    Forums: http://wwww.gamersassault.net/forums

    Download section is up, but is NOT visible to the public.

    GA was founded in the Early Summer of 2004 from a smaller gaming resource. Invested with $100's of dollars in it, template, web gear, vBulletin, and game servers soon to come. We aim to be the best resource site out there soon. Focusing on its main game hits, Joint Operations and Black Hawk Down, and the upcoming game hits Battlefield 2 and, brothers in arms.. we hope you signup to become apart of our resource site.
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    Site: R.I.P Clan Site

    Was for 5 years in a clan as Co-Leader, but decided to start my own clan now.
    So, for everyone who is interested in joining R.I.P, please take a look at my page.

    You can leave me a message on the Join Forum, or send me a email to: join@ripclan.cjb.net

    Hope to see alot of cool and great clans/players at BiA
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    - Covering top WW2 shooters such as Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942 and you guessed it, BiA.

    Check us out
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    Supporting Ghost Recon 1 and 2, Raven Sheild, BF1942 1 and 2 and now BIA! Downloads, game info and forums are already set up.


    I have been waiting on a game like this for a long time. It's gonna be great!
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