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    Difference Between Difficulty Levels

    Hi Fellow Guns For Hire,

    Long time FarCry fan, first time forum poster,

    I have watched the videos from E3 a lot and I am very excited to experience the story in the latest edition in the series. One thing I was wondering about the game though is how the different difficulty levels would be different from each other in this game?

    Using the latest gameplay video as an example would higher difficulties see security weak spots in towns closed up? So for example the water tower in the demo in lower levels wouldn't have a guard on it but in higher difficulty levels it would, after all it makes sense that if the player would use something like the tower to survey the town why wouldn't the enemy use it for the same purpose. There could also be the introduction of traps or cameras both of which need disabling to make certain approaches more difficult in higher difficulty levels.

    Going one step further, what if there where multiple different improved security options in higher difficulty levels and one or two would be implemented at random. This would do wonders for re play ability as the challenges would possibly change on each occasion for the same locations. So the first time a town is cleared there might be a guard in the tower, the next time there could be more guards in other security weak spots instead, or more patrols etc.

    I would love to hear what the Far Cry 5 community thinks about this? I think it could make the game off the charts amazing haha, but thats just me, what do you think?
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    Hi votography87, welcome to the forums!
    We have no idea what will different difficulty modes bring to the table. But we should be wise and write down those good questions and post them when the developer's Q&A will pop up.
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    I am a great fan of the human against human parts of Farcry. As soon as monsters appear out of nowhere on a level and run and jump so fast that I, or my PC, can’t react in time, I stop playing.
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