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Thread: 2017 e3 no new splinter cell wtf! Ubisoft! | Forums

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    2017 e3 no new splinter cell wtf! Ubisoft!

    WHY WHY WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wasn't there a new Splinter Cell added this year.....Ubisoft you have done numerous things to frustrate me to the end of my rope several times with your games but this is a serious slap in the face to your loyal gamers! Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 Siege, The Division (all good games).....................but, NO NEW SPLINTER CELL! Have you guys lost your mind over there? COME ON! I have survived countless delays in launches, lags, glitches and the other pitfalls of your games all made worth while by decent content and patiently waiting for a new S/C is nonsense like this that will start costing you loyal fans!
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    Aj6627's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hopefully next year. This year is still focusing on GR and The Division.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing a proper remaster of the first 3 games released with at the very least coop included.
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    I too was disappointed about this, but if they're really bringing Michael Ironside back as Fisher's voice then i don't mind waiting.
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    Next Splinter cell Story!

    Hey guys,
    I think they should not movie with the Blacklist story there is so much they left out.
    I would tell The Dev. to bring back Lambert and Douglas Shetland, also they should put in sahra a little more in the game.
    This would make for a great story.
    I think they stoped putting in effort in this game because of the low sales.
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