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    complete list of Myst & Myst Like Games

    I'm a big fan of the Myst puzzle like games and not so much for shoot 'em ups. I've played Myst 1, 2, 3 (actually started Myst 1 when it came out new and couldn't complete) and am now attempting to do the complete set, even any derivative from ubisoft like obduction.
    What is the complete set now?
    How close to Myst are the uru games?

    What are the books like... The Myst Reader?

    I own Myst 1 thru 4 and plan to purchase Myst 5. Any other recommendations?

    Wish they still made them like this!

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    The "complete set" includes:

    -- Myst
    -- Myst: The Collection
    -- Myst Masterpiece Edition
    -- Myst 10th Anniversary Collection
    -- RealMyst
    -- RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition
    -- Riven: The Sequel to Myst
    -- Ages of Myst: The Myst & Riven Collection
    -- Myst III: Exile
    -- Myst IV: Revelation
    -- Myst V: End of Ages
    -- Uru: Ages Beyond Myst or Uru: ABM
    -- Uru: To D'ni, first Uru Expansion Pack (download only)
    -- Uru: The Path of the Shell or Uru: PotS, second Uru Expansion Pack (contains To D'ni)
    -- Uru: Complete Chronicles (contains Uru: ABM, To D'ni, PotS)
    -- Uru Live (on-line, now deceased)


    -- There are various collections and modifications of the above, mostly European releases.
    -- Some of the Myst series are available through on-line services like Steam.
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