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    Can't Sign In

    Hello everybody,

    Please be awesome and help me.

    History: I tried to change my username a few days ago and was directed to account settings on Ubisoft's webpage. I tried to sign in but it would not let me, so I changed my password thinking I had the wrong one. Well I ended up changing it a few times because it would not work even, after the changes were made. I figured out how to change my username without having to log into Ubisoft directly, so I changed it. I was able to game for a few days until Thursday (May 18, 2017). It is also at this time that I moved back home after college ended.

    Problem: I figured it might be something with the internet and my computer not working, but I am able to do other aspects with the internet on my pc and even sign into Ubisoft from other computers within the house, just not MY pc. I need to be able to sign into Ubisoft and Uplay to play my games. BUT IT WILL NOT LET ME SIGN IN. Even though I am able to sign into forums and support, I cannot sign into uplay. I've uninstalled and reinstalled countless times, I've messed with what Ubisoft support said to do and it did not change the problem.

    So I reach out to my fellow gamers. I'm just a gamer suffering from a lack of Siege. The problem is with my PC but I do not know what to look for and to change. Like I said above, other devices on the same network can sign into my account but I can't on my gaming pc. Please Help.

    (side note: I am on wifi currently because my parents have a lack of ethernet ports, but i've able to use the wifi to sign in on other devices so that shouldn't be the problem).

    Thank You.
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    You can reach out to the support teams on Facebook or Twitter if you can't log in to your profile They can look into that for you.
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