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    3 new gear set ideas and one new 6 set gear set idea

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    i have the same idea as your with the double turret, but mine is for mobile cover and i posted a thread about it and other gear set idea!

    the HARDEN DEFENSE 4pc need some kind of trade-off like double the cooldown or shared health.

    i have an other idea for an active turret set, the 2 and 3pc is like your one but the 4pc:
    the enemy attacked by the turret get a mark, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 10%.

    this way a high SkillPower player can use it to support the team and a DPS player can use it to increase DMG and support the team too, is like a combination of FIRECREST and SENTRY.

    the melee set idk, melee in the game is suck, it will be better if we can use some kinda knife or axes.

    and really liked the last one would be fun using 3 skill! but idk if is possible in programming/coding like changing the HUD.

    the 6 bonus gear set idk the dev looks like have no intention making it.
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    I like the melee concept of shadow man. I hope melee gets some sort of use within the game in the future. Axe and knife loot drops?
    With the Anti-aggression from NPCs, I don't like it to much, but maybe that circumstance of how the game is at the moment.
    Saying that, it'd be a great escape from rogues in the DZ, running though a land mark. However, I don't think the hunters have allegiance to any other faction. Maybe the NPCs are scared off instead? :P

    When I was running tacticians, I though to myself, 'damn I wish I could use 2 turrets'. Be the techno agent. All the thumbs up for Harden Defence

    Machinist's Tools. Gimme now. Signature skills, I don't like them. Everyone has them, Not very special. Ill take another skill 99.9999% of the time.

    I hope these along with your other ideas gets tested on a PTS. Allowing the public to test ideas like these are crucial for the quality and fun development for the future of this game.
    If the team takes 1% of your way of thinking, the gear in the game will be amazing.
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