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    Can We Talk About How Revenge Means Absolutely Nothing

    I know you're not supposed to destroy an entire team after getting revenge, but there's no point to revenge when people who bash don't get knocked down.

    So, let's say you're surrounded, getting pummeled. Well, you activate revenge so they can get knocked down or at least back off. Nope, any character with a bash is able to push you while you are activating revenge and stunlock you. This isn't even after activation, so the entire squad against you stays up, and the death becomes almost instant, even if you are 5 meters away from your team.

    Possible Change
    I don't want revenge to be how it was in the beginning where you could destroy the entire enemy team, but I want to make it actually viable. I think having the ability to knock down and knock back opponents who bash upon revenge activation would help out a lot.

    Any other suggestions? Keep in mind, the goal is to make revenge viable so you can last long enough for your team to get one or two of them off your back, not make it an overpowered juggernaut machine of death
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    totally agree.rvenge suppose to help you when ganked but now you die instantly after revenge.plus as you said the shield bashes and shoves or kicks interupts your ''uninteruptible heavies while in revenge''revenge needs a touch again to make it viable
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