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    It would be nice to get a showstopper that is more electronic oriented. I've had 2 this whole time and both of them have been high FA talent oriented.
    There are no electronics only weapon talents. That sucks.

    One of mine has Talented but I have to use a firearms mod to unlock it. Corrupts the pure skill power build.
    It also has Determined but I can't unlock that one without gimping the whole build.
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    Originally Posted by DaveyJaye Go to original post
    Dude! If you used your skill build you know you could've killed him with the sensor turret right?
    It takes a while but if you place it on objects he can't climb on it's pretty easy.

    I found the easiest way is to go up on the scaffolding just before where you find the battery and place it on the side, he will just stand there and take the hits with no danger to you whatsoever.
    There have been strange occurrences of Wilbur actually coming up the scaffolding staircase for me. Very rare, but it can happen, so don't get over confident on that scaffolding.
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