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    20ms of ping, 113 mbs download and 11 mbs upload... and red NAT... WHAT?

    Since the last patch I have a red nat and can't invite friends or go into a game, plz ubisoft, look at your patch befaure lauching them
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    I've had red NAT the patch before Season 2. All of a sudden it goes from green to red. Slightly higher mbs download and a little more mbs upload. I'm usually around 20-32 ms ping. And this is on console. So. No idea what to do here. Maybe try resetting your network, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Most of the time it wont.
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    NAT has NOTHING to do with your connection speed and bandwidth.


    It could be your end or the game's problem. Regardless, contact Ubisoft support to find a solution.
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