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    The lack of gear isn't what's killing the game, it's the lack of new content. My friends and I stopped playing months ago 100% because doing the same exact missions over and over got boring as hell. Add new content (and NOT just a couple 15 minute missions, or the ability to re-play old missions with new "modes") and you may get people back. Anything else is just a stop-gap measure.
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    Hi Matt,
    I might be a little off topic but there is a serious problem that must be looked at. I am from Australia , which means i am connected to the Australasian servers for The Division. For the past Month + , myself and many many more players are having a really hard if not impossible time Matchmaking to Last Stand. 99% of the time, we are thrown out of matchmaking as we have been waiting for over 30 minutes !!!. This is totally understandable as we are just sitting there watching our screens for 30-40 minutes for a matchmake.
    I had also commented about this on reddit but, alas, it has /had fallen on deaf ears.
    A few players on reddit politely invited us to team up with them and to connect onto the U.S servers. Well, the wait was 2-3 Minutes !!!!.
    Otherwise Last Stand is inaccessible for us Aussie players.
    If i have posted in the wrong section, or if i have taken up your time , i apologise. But i do not know what else to do.
    cheers from Australia
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