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    The Elite Task Force is a joke right?
    Why do you not against Cheaters and Hackers?
    Why are people invited to ETF for second time? WHY?? Exactly these people bounce into Facebook.. perfect ... !!

    The players do not interest you..right?
    I love this Game, but the Time is coming, where i delete it
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    Just separete even more the PVP and PVE balancing, the balance on both ends are horrible, the RPG part of game feels grindy and unalanced, the shooter part feels broken with certain mechanics not being used properly due again bad balance, not many gear is truly relevant since most things have one meta pick that are simply better than others, the console balancing leaking into PC balancing and vice versa makes everything even more weird, and the lack of story to continue makes the game look like it was made with a sequel already in planning so the players is running around in circles with nothing new to do plot wise since no changes happened
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    My only issues with the survey was the gearscore options. It didn't have a option for a infusion system so I had to say no to a gear score increase if ya'll add that in then I 'm fine with it.

    and no questions about hackers being ban or as a option of something ya'll should really focus on but maybe ya'll have some plans for that already.
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    I would actually love to see zombies of the NPC factions in a large Central Park area...
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    Surveys, surveys surveys. Actually do things and be seen to actively do it

    Anti-cheat needs sorting out as DZ is full of them. I go in there simply for the weekly then leave it and I enjoy PvP in other games.

    I do not see a map expansion nor additional storyline so why add these questions????? Are you trying just to keep players interested and throwing this out as a hope people will believe you????

    Don't keep 'nurfin' everything - look at boosting items. Make players feel stronger with different gearset/weapons/skills. Stop 'nurfin' PvE items just because it plays havoc in PvP. Separate PvE and PvP completely and have different gear sets for the PvP DZ Area.

    You need to now be seen to add quality things to the game in Year2 or, as I see it, it'll never reach Year3 with any real player-base at all.
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    Survival Mode Love?

    Survival Mode needs more than 2 things fixed.

    Some of my Survival Mode wants:
    • randomize loot spots
    • randomize enemy spawns (LZ and DZ)
    • randomize paths ( block off some streets / subways , make it so we can't go straight to the DZ )
    • randomize make it so you can not use mapped routes ( first 3 items will help with this
    • allow DZ enemies to drop gold gear/guns as well as caches, ( so if we get to a cleaned out DZ we are not stuck with purple gear trying to extract )
    • roaming DZ bosses like the LZ Flashlight groups
    • allow some DZ enemy to respawn ( helps in a cleaned out DZ )
    • why do i never see enemies warming by the fire barrels or sheltering in buildings... ( add that, its cold for them too )
    • use the hunter faction more!!!, spawn a hunting party when there are 2-3 players in DZ
    • give us option to re-queue after death, without having to load up the terminal...

    the game mode needs some love, I loved it before i memorized the map
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    I love the ideas that are in that survey and I hope the answers I given are the top tier ones, if so, a lot of great changes to be seen in this game.
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    Originally Posted by modedmarauder Go to original post
    Oh Zombie that sounds good

    And I believe on u guys .. I know if u r gonna add zombies it'll be perfect.

    Zombies please!

    Whether its an expansion, new dark zone levels 10-13 that only has zombies or make the zombies only come out at night or in the subways but please introduce zombies, it will be freaken awesome!
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    It ruins the game and disadvantages anyone but the super dedicated who have no life outside The Division and spend most of the day playing it!

    Every time the gear score changes you have to farm all over again from scratch, having done this multiple times since the games release and each time just as I was getting some good pieces together, I'm at that stage again trying to make just 1 good build the way I want it and you want me to start over again, screw that!!

    In the beginning higher gear scores were good but 14 months later I want to farm the best gear and sit back and enjoy it, I certainly do not want to start farming all over again for new gear with good rolls when I don't even have the best gear now after well over a hundred hours farming since 1.6!!
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    You do realize that the amount of loot that drops is insane compared to older updates? It doesn't take someone that plays the game 20-40 hours a week to gear up with a new gear score.
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